25 signs you’re obsessed with saunas

Are you a devoted sauna lover? Do you spend every spare moment in the steamy heat of your favorite sauna? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are you’re a sauna enthusiast. But just how obsessed are you? Here are 25 signs that you might be a sauna fanatic:

1. You own multiple types of saunas

Do you have a wood-fired sauna in your backyard, an infrared sauna in your basement, and a portable sauna in your garage? If you own multiple types of saunas, it’s safe to say that you’re obsessed.

2. You plan your vacations around saunas

Do you research the best saunas in every city you visit and make sure to fit in a sauna session at every opportunity? If you prioritize saunas over sightseeing, you might be a little obsessed.

3. You have a sauna routine

Do you have a specific order in which you use the sauna, shower, and cool down? Do you have a favorite type of sauna and a preferred temperature? If you have a set routine for sauna sessions, you’re definitely a fanatic.

4. You own sauna-specific clothing

Do you have a special sauna hat, sandals, and a towel just for sauna use? If you have a separate wardrobe for sauna sessions, it’s a clear sign of addiction.

5. You talk about saunas all the time

Do you bring up saunas in every conversation and can’t stop raving about the benefits of regular sauna use? If you can’t stop talking about saunas, it might be time to take a step back and reassess your level of obsession.

6. You have a sauna schedule

Do you plan your sauna sessions in advance and make sure to fit in at least one session per day? If you have a strict sauna schedule, it’s a sure sign of obsession.

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7. You’re a sauna snob

Do you turn your nose up at saunas that don’t meet your high standards? If you’re only satisfied with the best saunas, you surely suffering from sauna fever.

8. You have a sauna-themed home

Do you have sauna-themed decorations and furniture in your home? If your living room looks like a sauna, you’re clearly a fanatic.

9. You’re a sauna evangelist

Do you try to convert everyone you meet to the wonders of sauna use? If you’re always trying to recruit new sauna-goers, you’re truly in the sauna twilight zone.

10. You have a sauna Instagram account

Do you have a dedicated Instagram account for all your sauna photos and musings? If you’re constantly sharing sauna selfies and sauna inspiration, it’s a clear sign of obsession.

11. You have a sauna alter ego

Do you have a special sauna nickname or persona that you assume when you’re in the sauna? If you have a whole other identity in the sauna, it’s a sure sign of fixation.

12. You have sauna parties

Do you host sauna parties where you and your friends sweat it out in the sauna and then cool down with a dip in a pool or lake? If you plan social events around saunas, you might be a little addicted.

13. You only give sauna-themed gifts

Do you only give and receive sauna-themed gifts? If your holiday wish list is filled with sauna gear, you might be a saunaholic.

14. You dream about saunas

Do you dream about saunas and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? If saunas invade your subconscious, you’re sauna enthusiast… on steroids.

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15. You have sauna-themed tattoos

Do you have a sauna-themed tattoo or are considering getting one? If you want to permanently mark your love for saunas on your body, it’s a clear sign of addiction.

16. You have a sauna quote in your email signature

Do you have a sauna quote or image in your email signature to show your love for saunas? If you want to spread the sauna love to your coworkers, you might be a little addicted.

17. You have a sauna playlist

Do you have a special playlist of music that you only listen to in the sauna? If you have a playlist that’s specifically for sauna sessions, it’s safe to say you’re obsessed.

18. You have a sauna book club

Do you and your friends have a book club where you meet in the sauna to discuss your latest reads? If you combine literature and saunas, you might be a little fanatic.

19. You have sauna wallpaper on your phone

Do you have a sauna-themed wallpaper on your phone to remind you of your love for saunas? If you have a sauna-themed screensaver, it’s a true sign of fixation.

20. You have a sauna image on your business card

Do you have a sauna image on the business cards to share with potential clients and partners? If you want to promote your love for saunas in the professional world, you’re a sure sauna nutcase.

21. You have sauna-themed social media profiles

Do you have a sauna-themed profile picture and cover photo on social media? If you’re constantly representing your love for saunas online, you’re surely a sauna maniac.

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22. You have a sauna-themed car

Do you have a sauna-themed car with sauna-themed stickers and decorations? If you want to share your love for saunas with the world while driving, you might have sauna obsession disorder.

23. Your jewelry is sauna-shaped

Do you have jewelry shaped after saunas, and sauna-themed rings, necklaces, or earrings? If you want to show off your love for saunas with your accessories, you’re most likely a sauna addict.

24. You have a sauna-themed garden

Do you have a sauna-themed garden with sauna-themed plants and decorations? If you want to bring the sauna experience to your outdoor space, it’s a pure sign of obsession.

25. You name your pets after different saunas

Do you have pets with sauna names or outfits? If you want to share your love for saunas with your furry friends, you’re surely a sauna maniac.

If you identified with any of these signs, congratulations – you’re a sauna enthusiast! While there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about saunas, it’s important to remember to take breaks and not let your obsession take over your life.

Happy sweating!


Author: Anna Svensson

Anna is a Scandinavian who grew up with saunas. She has had a life-long love for, and interest in, saunas. In this blog, she shares her best hacks and things she has learned about saunas over the years. You can read more about Anna in the “About” page.

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