5 amazing Sauna Beauty Hacks (and 1 you should avoid)

If you’re a fan of saunas, you probably already know that they can do wonders for the body and mind. But did you know that saunas can also have beauty benefits? It’s true……! The heat and humidity of the sauna can do wonders for your skin, hair, and body, helping to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate them. And that’s what this blog post is all about: sharing the ultimate sauna beauty hacks to help you look and feel your best…..

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “But won’t the sauna just make me sweat and look gross?” Well, it’s true that saunas can make you sweat (that’s kind of the point), but with the right preparation and aftercare, it can actually result in you looking very refreshed in the long-run. (However, not right during the sauna session!)

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of sauna beauty hacks…..!

Sauna for Skincare and Face: get magnified effects and glow

First up: skincare. If you’re a skincare freak like me, you know that healthy, glowing skin is the foundation of any solid beauty routine. And the sauna can be a complete blessing for your skin. The heat and humidity can improve circulation, open up your pores, and stimulate collagen production, giving you a healthier, smoother, and more radiant complexion.

But before you jump into the sauna, it’s important to get your skin ready. Start by taking off your makeup and cleansing your face to get rid of any dirt, oil, or impurities. Just remove everything and enter the sauna with a bare face, without even as much as some face serum. That way you will be able to better sweat out all impurities, and your pores will get thoroughly cleansed.

Once you’re in the sauna, remember to hydrate! Have a water bottle or coconut water waiting right outside the sauna door, so you can sip on it during your breaks. Drink up, and chug a ton after your session, to help replenish any fluids you might be losing through sweat.

And when you’re finished with your sauna session, don’t forget to moisturize! Use a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and keep it looking healthy and radiant…….!

Also, the skin is very absorbent after the sauna, so if you put on a face mask or a special-treatment serum, the effect will be magnified. Just remember however that this means the skin is also more sensitive. So don’t overdo it with AHAs or other invasive creams!

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Sauna for Hair Care: deep-moisturize your hair

Next up: hair care. If you’re like some of us, you probably spend a decent amount of time and money trying to get your hair looking its best. From shampoos and conditioners to hair-serums and oils, there are tons of products out there designed to nourish and moisturize your locks.

But did you know that the sauna can also benefit your hair? It’s true! Although the heat and humidity of the sauna can make your hair fizzy, it can also improve circulation to your scalp. And with the right prep and aftercare, you can in fact use even use the sauna to get healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair.

To prep your hair for the sauna, start by applying a hair mask or conditioner. This will help to hydrate and nourish your locks. And the heat and humidity help the treatment get deeper into your hair.

I personally use a deep-conditioner in my hair every time I go on a “wash-my-hair”-day, and I can attest that it does wonders! (And this is coming from someone with a “fine” Scandinavian hair type, which is not exactly known for its thickness and volume…)

If you’re not doing a treatment and just wearing your hair as it is, then you want to protect it from the heat. You can do this by tying your hair up in a bun or wearing a cap. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, you wear a sauna-hat, which will also keep the head a bit cooler during the session.

But not all hair care products are created equal when it comes to the sauna. Avoid using products with alcohol and sulfates, as they can be drying and irritating to your scalp. Natural products are the best in the sauna.

Image: Me with hair-conditioner in the sauna, and afterward when the hair had dried.

Sauna and Body Care: make skin absorb treatments more deeply

Ok, let’s now get into body care. If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time and effort trying to keep your body looking and feeling its best. From workouts and diets to lotions and tonics, there are countless ways to keep your body healthy and happy.

But did you know that the sauna can also benefit your body? That’s right! The heat and humidity of a sauna can improve circulation, ease muscle soreness, and help you relax. And with the right prep and aftercare, the sauna can be a true beauty trick for your body.

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The most important part is to make sure to moisturize your skin after you get out of the sauna (after your shower). The skin of the body is more absorbent after the sauna, so if you’d like to get a stronger effect of some special lotion or body treatment, the best time is right after the sauna! Keep in mind however that this also means the skin is more sensitive, so be careful and don’t put one anything that is too harsh to body right after the hot room.

My favourite sauna beauty hack: Dry Brush to exfoliate skin

Did you know that there’s a simple trick you can add to your sauna routine to give your skin an extra boost? I’m talking about dry brushing, my friends.

Now, I know the name “dry brushing” sounds a little odd, but trust me, it’s super easy and it feels amazing. It’s basically just using a dry, natural-bristle brush to gently exfoliate and massage your skin. Think of it like giving your skin a mini spa day. It’s like a workout for your skin!

So, how does dry brushing help in the sauna specifically? Well, before you hop in the sauna, dry brushing is a great way to get your skin ready for the heat. It helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, which allows for a deeper sweat and more effective detox. Plus, it can even prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Who knew?!

A lot of people, including me, prefer to dry brush while in the sauna however. I usually bring a simple body scrubber that I use on arms and legs. You can see mine in the picture, but any kind of body brush or scrub will do in my experience. (The best is to use a real bristle brush.) I personally find that the effect of dry brushing gets magnified if I do it in the actual heat and humidity of the sauna.

So, how often should you dry brush? I don’t do it more than maybe once or twice a week, but you can in fact dry brush every day if you want to. Just make sure to replace your brush every few months or when the bristles become frayed. A worn-out brush can be less effective and cause irritation.

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Image: Me dry brushing in the sauna.

The unexpected sauna beauty hack: Dry Scalp Mask

Now, let’s talk about a more unusual sauna beauty hack: using the sauna to treat dry, flaky scalp.

If you suffer from dry, flaky scalp, the sauna can be a great place to give it some much-needed moisture. Simply apply a nourishing hair mask or scalp treatment to your scalp before heading into the sauna. The heat and humidity will help to open up the pores and allow the treatment to penetrate deeper into the scalp, helping to hydrate and nourish the skin. When you’re finished with your sauna session, just be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any excess oil or treatment.

This hack is particularly amazing because it can help to improve the health and appearance of your scalp and hair, leading to stronger, healthier, and more lustrous locks. Plus, it’s a simple and relaxing way to give your scalp the TLC it needs, without the fuss of a complicated hair care routine.

Sauna beauty hack to avoid!

Finally, I’d like to give a warning about a sauna beauty hack that is sometimes recommended: To put on a facial or face-serum before entering the sauna. Don’t do this, at least not if you’re using a traditional sauna! Or, do it on your own risk, and don’t be surprised if you’ll end up with break-outs and clogged pores. The skin needs to be “nude” in the sauna for your perspiration to flow smoothly and not be blocked. So, if you’re wearing a facial, you’re basically contradicting the whole purpose of sauna-ing, and its benefits.

Final words

Well, there you have it: the ultimate sauna beauty hacks for your skin, hair, and body. I hope these tips have inspired you to give them a try and see the beauty benefits for yourself. And if you have any sauna beauty tips of your own, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, and happy sauna-ing!


Author: Anna Svensson

Anna is a Scandinavian who grew up with saunas. She has had a life-long love for, and interest in, saunas. In this blog, she shares her best hacks and things she has learned about saunas over the years. You can read more about Anna in the “About” page.

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