The top 15 most outrageous sauna accessories

Welcome to the world of saunas, where sweating isn’t just a side effect, it’s a lifestyle…..! And to make that lifestyle even more outrageous, I’ve rounded up the top 15 most absurd sauna accessories that’ll take your sauna experience to the next level…. From the sauna selfie stick to the sauna sound machine, get ready to dive into the most outrageous and innovative sauna accessories out there!

1. The Sauna Selfie Stick

This handy accessory allows you to snap the perfect selfie while lounging in your sauna. Just attach your phone to the stick and extend it over the top of the sauna walls to get the perfect angle. Bonus points for including a filter that makes you look like you’re glowing from the heat…..!

2. The Sauna Speaker

Bring your favorite tunes into the sauna with this waterproof speaker. Just sync it up with your phone and let the music take you away. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even belt out a few tunes of your own.

3. The Sauna Scrub Brush

This handy tool is great for scrubbing away any sweat and grime that accumulates on your skin during a sauna session. It’s also great for exfoliating and promoting circulation. Just be careful not to brush too hard – you don’t want to end up with a red, irritated body.

4. The Sauna Hat

The most classic sauna accessory that keeps your head cooler during your sauna session, so you can stay longer without getting overheated!

5. The Sauna Spray Bottle

Keep cool and refreshed during your sauna session with a convenient spray bottle. Just fill it up with cold water and give yourself a mist whenever you start to feel a little too hot. You can also use it to give yourself a quick rinse after your sauna session.

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6. The Sauna Shower Cap

Protect your hair from the steam and heat of the sauna with a stylish shower cap. It’s also great for keeping your hair dry if you plan on taking a shower after your sauna session!

7. The Sauna Seat Cushion

Make your sauna experience even more comfortable with a cushioned seat cover. It’s can be made of a soft, moisture-wicking material that will keep you cool and dry(er). Just be sure to remove it before you start throwing water on the stones!

8. The Sauna Scents

Add a touch of luxury to your sauna experience with these scented oils. Choose from a variety of invigorating scents, like eucalyptus and peppermint, to help clear your sinuses and refresh your mind. Just be sure not to use too much – you don’t want to end up with a headache!

9. The Sauna Sound Machine

Drift off into a peaceful slumber with the soothing sounds of nature. This sound machine can be loaded with a variety of calming sounds, like ocean waves and rain, that will help you relax and unwind in the sauna. Just don’t fall asleep on the bench – you don’t want to end up with a burn!

10. The Sauna Sweat Band

Keep sweat out of your eyes with this stylish headband. It’s made of a moisture-wicking material that will keep you cool and dry, even during the most intense sauna sessions. Available in a variety of colors to match your sauna attire!

11. The Sauna Scented Candle

Add a touch of ambiance to your sauna experience with these scented candles. Choose from a variety of calming scents, like lavender and vanilla, to help you relax and unwind. Just be sure to keep an eye on the flame – you don’t want to start a fire in the sauna!

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12. The Sauna Snack Tray

Don’t let hunger ruin your sauna session – keep all your favorite snacks within arm’s reach with this convenient tray. Just fill it up with your choice of dips, chips, and other munchies and set it on the bench beside you. Just be careful not to spill any crumbs on the hot stones!

13. The Sauna Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the lights of the infrared sauna with some stylish shades. They’re also great for hiding any sweat-induced raccoon eyes!

14. The Sauna Slippers

Keep your feet toasty and warm with some cozy slippers. They can even be made of a plush, insulated material that will keep your feet from getting cold on the sauna floor! Plus, they can be made slip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about falling on the wet floor. Or, if you’re not fancy, just use a pair of old-fashioned flip-flops!

15. The Sauna Smoothie Maker

Rehydrate and refuel after your sauna session with this convenient smoothie maker. Just toss in your favorite fruits and vegetables, blend them up, and enjoy a refreshing drink. You can even add a little protein powder for an extra boost of energy!

So, folks, you heard it here first! The world of sauna accessories has gone off the rails and we’re here for it. From the Sauna Selfie Stick for capturing those oh-so-glamorous sweat-glistening moments, to the Sauna Slippers for keeping your feet toasty on those hot stones, there’s no shortage of ridiculousness to be had. And let’s not forget about the Sauna Scents and Scented Candles – who says you can’t bring a little luxury to your sweat lodge?

But, as with all good things, a word of caution: be careful not to get carried away with these outrageous accessories. And don’t go using the Sauna Spray Bottle as a squirt gun (which, let’s face it, we’ve all done at least once). And, for the love of all things, don’t fall asleep with the Sauna Sound Machine playing! We can’t guarantee you won’t wake up to find yourself surrounded by a cloud of smoke and a room full of hot, worried onlookers.

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In conclusion, the next time you hit the sauna, don’t be afraid to add a little bit of whimsy to your sweat-sesh. Whether you’re taking a Sauna Selfie or sipping on a Sauna Smoothie, we’re pretty sure these outrageous sauna accessories are sure to make your experience a little more… interesting. So, grab a Sauna Snack Tray and let the good times roll!


Author: Anna Svensson

Anna is a Scandinavian who grew up with saunas. She has had a life-long love for, and interest in, saunas. In this blog, she shares her best hacks and things she has learned about saunas over the years. You can read more about Anna in the “About” page.

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